Product Life Cycle Information

Model Status
(see terminolgy)
No Stock date Alternative Upgrade Path
PC-MCAT-2 (P780) Active
Flex-6X Nano (P660) Active
MC403-X (P865, P866, P867) Active
MC664 (X) (P862) Active
MC6N-ECAT (P960) Active
PC-MCAT (P760) Limited PC-MCAT-2 Upgrade to PC-MCAT-2.
Flex-6 Nano (P600) Classic Flex-6X Nano Backward compatible with Flex-6 Nano. Supported from firmware version 2.0320 Upgrade to Flex-6X Nano.
MC4N-ECAT (P900) Limited MC6N-ECAT Direct replacement. Some operational differences e.g. firmware version, dual core processor.
MC508 (P849) Active
MC405 (P826) Active
MC403 (P821-P825) Limited MC403-X
Euro404 (P831) Active
Euro408 (P833) Active
MC4N-RTEX (P910) Active
MC464 (P860) Obsolete. No Stock MC664 Same case and add-on modules as the MC664. 99% program compatibility.
Euro205x (P151) Limited No Stock Euro404 / 08 Upgrade Application Note
Euro209 (P159) Classic Q2. 2025 Euro408 Is Pin compatible.
PCI208 (P180) Limited Q2. 2025 N/A
MC224 (P170) Obsolete. No Stock MC664 Upgrade to MC664.
MC206X (P136) Obsolete. No Stock MC405 MC206x/MC405 comparison.
MC302-k (P190) Obsolete. No Stock N/A
MC302X (P192) Obsolete. No Stock MC403 MC302X/MC403 comparison
Euro205 (P150) Obsolete. No Stock. Euro205x
MC206 (P135) Obsolete. No Stock. MC405
MC216 (P140) Obsolete. No Stock. MC664
MC204 (P130) Obsolete. No Stock. MC664
MC202 (P165) Obsolete. No Stock. MC403
MC2 (P110) Obsolete. No Stock MC664


ACTIVE : In production and available for order.

CLASSIC: Product still in production at present but not recommended for new projects. Consider using a current product.

LIMITED: Not in production. Availibility limited by current stock.

OBSOLETE: Product no longer available for purchase. Product may be repairable.


When upgrading a system to a new version of TrioBASIC and / or a newer controller, there are likely to be small changes required.  Whilst every effort is made to maintain backward compatibility of the TrioBASIC programming language, you may need to consider the following.

• The faster processor speed may have an impact on the way multi-tasking programs interact. 

• There may be some commands which now require extra parameters.

• The original program may have been written using “illegal” command options that are no longer allowed.

In the majority of cases, there will be an alternative command or alternative way of structuring the program which will allow the programs to run under the new system software.

Such changes are usually minor. In almost all cases the operation of the fundamental motion software is identical. 

Experience shows that in about 98% of upgrades, there are no changes required to the programs.