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The MC508 is a high specification Motion Coordinator using a high performance ARM Cortex A9 800 Mhz Processor, with eight Voltage outputs and eight flexible axis ports, that can be configured for up to sixteen pulse and direction output axes or eight closed loop servo axes. It boasts 128 MBytes of RAM; 32 of which is for user programs and user table space.



  • Advanced 8 Axis Closed Loop Servo / 16 Axis Pulse Direction
  • Total of 32 Digital Inputs and 16 Digital Outputs
  • EnDAT, Biss and SSI Absolute Encoder Supported
  • Linear, Circular, Helical and Spherical Interpolation
  • Flexible CAM shapes, Linked Motion
  • Hardware Linked Outputs for Camera / Laser Control
  • Ethernet-IP / Modbus TCP / Ethernet Interface Built-In
  • IEC 61131-3 Programming
  • Multi-tasking BASIC Programming
  • Text File Handling
  • Robotic Transformations
  • SD Memory Card Slot
  • CANopen I/O Expansion
  • Backlit LCD Display
  • RoHS and CE Approved


The flexible axis MDR type connectors allow single cable connection from the MC508 to your drive. The port can be configured in software as feedback devices or pulse direction outputs. As outputs they can be used as pulse and direction with stepper or servo drives or they can operate as a simulated encoder output. When configured as feedback they can be either incremental encoder input or one of four popular absolute encoder types; SSI, BiSS, Tamagawa or Endat. All feedback axes can be used to form a closed loop servo with a voltage output.

The MDR 3m cable may be purchased seperately (P382).




The built-in Ethernet port allows programming and connection of common HMI and PLC protocols directly to the MC508. User programs can be written in Trio’s established multi-tasking TrioBASIC language using the powerful Motion Perfect application development software making complex motion easy. Also available are the industry standard IEC 61131-3 languages allowing a fully functional PLC programming system.

Easy to use


A bright easy to read backlit display enables the controller status to be easily determined.

So fast!


The MC508 is available in 2 different axis configurations. Both models feature a total of 32 axes in software. Any axes not assigned to built-in hardware can be used as a virtual axis. Every axis can be programmed to move using linear, circular, helical or spherical interpolation, electronic cams, linked axes and gearboxes.

p848.png p849.png
Product P848
MC508 ( Axes 8 - 15 Step/Dir)
Description 8 Axis DIN/panel mounted motion coordinator 8 Axis DIN/panel mounted motion coordinator
Name MC508 MC508 ( Axes 8 - 15 Step/Dir)
PCode P848 P849
Status Current Current
Configuration P848
MC508 ( Axes 8 - 15 Step/Dir)
Axis 0 Core Extended + AS
Axis 1 Core Extended + AS
Axis 2 Core Extended + AS
Axis 3 Core Extended + AS
Axis 4 Core Extended + AS
Axis 5 Core Extended + AS
Axis 6 Core Extended + AS
Axis 7 Core Extended + AS
Axes P848
MC508 ( Axes 8 - 15 Step/Dir)
Max axes 8 16
Max networked axes 0 0
Max virtual axes 32 32
Max discrete wired axes 8 16
Performance P848
MC508 ( Axes 8 - 15 Step/Dir)
Cores 1 1
Processor ARM Cortex A9 ARM Cortex A9
Clock frequency 800 MHz 800 MHz
Maths precision IEEE 457 Double IEEE 457 Double
Position register precision 64 bit 64 bit
Execution benchmark 112 lines/ms 112 lines/ms
Real-time clock Yes Yes
Flash memory 32 x 16000 values 32 x 16000 values
User memory 12 MB 12 MB
Table memory 512000 values 512000 values
Min expected flash memory life (normal use) 31 years 31 years
Maximum VR variables 16536 16536
Maximum servo period 4000 µs 4000 µs
Minimum servo period 125 µs 125 µs
Maximum encoder input frequency 6.000 MHz 6.000 MHz
Maximum stepper output frequency 2.000 MHz 2.000 MHz
Drive interfaces P848
MC508 ( Axes 8 - 15 Step/Dir)
Auxilliary axis No No
EtherCAT No No
Hydraulic No Yes
Piezo No Yes
Panasonic RTEX No No
Servo No Yes
Step & direction Yes Yes
Communications P848
MC508 ( Axes 8 - 15 Step/Dir)
Anybus No No
Bluetooth No No
CANopen Yes Yes
CC-Link No No
DeviceNet Yes Yes
Ethernet Yes Yes
EthernetIP Yes Yes
Hostlink Yes Yes
Profibus No No
ProfiNet No No
RS232/RS485 Yes Yes
USB 1.1 No No
Encoder ports P848
MC508 ( Axes 8 - 15 Step/Dir)
Feedback input Yes Yes
Incremental (A+B) output Yes Yes
Pulse & direction output Yes Yes
Reference input Yes Yes
SSI Absolute Input No Yes
EnDat Absolute Input No Yes
Tamagawa Absolute Input No Yes
BiSS Absolute Input No Yes
Internal I/O P848
MC508 ( Axes 8 - 15 Step/Dir)
+/-10V analogue outputs 8 8
Analogue output precision 12 bits 12 bits
Analogue Inputs (0-10V) 2 2
Analog input precision 12 bits 12 bits
Digital Bidirectional I/O (24V) 0 0
Digital Inputs (24Vdc) 32 32
Digital outputs (24Vdc) 16 16
Registration inputs 8 8
Registration speed 20 µs 20 µs
Watchdogs 9 9
Watchdog rating 29V, 100mA max 29V, 100mA max
External I/O P848
MC508 ( Axes 8 - 15 Step/Dir)
+/-10V analogue outputs 16 16
Analogue output precision 12 bits 12 bits
+/-10V analogue inputs 32 32
Analogue input precision 12 bits 12 bits
Digital I/O points 512 512
Programming P848
MC508 ( Axes 8 - 15 Step/Dir)
Trio BASIC Yes Yes
DXF in Option Option
G-Code Option Option
HPGL Option Option
IEC61131 Yes Yes
Kinematic Option Option
Maximum programs 96 96
Maximum tasks 22 22
Software P848
MC508 ( Axes 8 - 15 Step/Dir)
Motion Perfect version 4 4
Expansion P848
MC508 ( Axes 8 - 15 Step/Dir)
Expansion module type None None
Maximum modules 0 0
Memory card Micro SD Micro SD
Physical P848
MC508 ( Axes 8 - 15 Step/Dir)
Maximum operating temperature 45 °C 45 °C
Minimum operating temperature 0 °C 0 °C
Mount DIN/Panel DIN/Panel
Depth 35.0 mm 35.0 mm
Height 132.0 mm 132.0 mm
Width 226.0 mm 226.0 mm
Weight 640 g 640 g
Power P848
MC508 ( Axes 8 - 15 Step/Dir)
Supply current 350 mA 350 mA
Supply tolerance +/- 20% +/- 20%
Supply voltage 24 V 24 V
Certification P848
MC508 ( Axes 8 - 15 Step/Dir)
CE Yes Yes
RoSH Yes Yes

Axis Configuration Key

Core functionality

CORE AXES – can be configured in software as pulse and direction outputs with stepper or servo drives. They can also be configured for incremental encoder feedback.

Core functionality is a set of ATYPEs (Axis TYPEs) that are available on all controllers. They are based on pulse outputs and incremental encoder feedback.

ATYPE Description
43 Pulse and direction output with enable output
45 Quadrature encoder output with enable output
63 Pulse and direction output with Z input
64 Quadrature encoder output with Z input
76 Incremental encoder with Z input
78 Pulse and direction with VFF_GAIN and enable output 1
Extended functionality

EXTENDED AXES – in addition to the Core functionality these axes can also be configured for absolute encoders and closed loop servos (requires voltage output).

Only axes marked as AS have an analogue output and can be used for closed loop control.
All Extended Axes can use these ATYPE's as feedback.
If you want to just use the feedback and not complete a closed loop servo system set SERVO = OFF

ATYPE Description
30 Analogue feedback Servo
44 Incremental encoder Servo with Z input
46 Tamagawa absolute Servo (Axis 8 ONLY on P849)
47 Endat absolute Servo
48 SSI absolute Servo
60 Pulse and direction feedback Servo with Z input
77 Incremental encoder Servo with enable output
92 Biss absolute servo
High Density Axis Type
ATYPE Description
100 Pulse and Direction output (High Density)
101 Quadrature output (High Density)
102 Analogue Servo with Incremental encoder (High Density)
103 Analogue Servo with Pulse and Direction feedback (High Density)
104 Incremental encoder (High Density)
105 SSI absolute, input only (High Density)
Products - CAN I/O Modules
CAN I-O Expansion ModulesCAN
Our range of digital and analogue input/output expansion modules are designed to enable simple and scalable and low-cost I/O extension for our Motion Coordinators. In addition to 24V input, output and bi-directional modules, there are relay and analogue I/O modules.
Products - Generic
UNIPLAY 7-Abolt on expansion module
Trio’s unique UNIPLAY HMI system is a revolutionary way to make operator interfaces better, easier and more secure! The UNIPLAY series boasts a 7", 10" and 15" colour displays.
3m MDR cable (P382)MDR flying lead
Quick Start Guide
Additional 3 metre MDR connector. The P382 has one end finishing as a flying lead.
Firmware - MC508
Latest USER Release:
Size:2018884 bytes
Software - Programming
Motion Perfect
Motion Perfect is designed to make setup, diagnostics, commissioning and using our range of Motion Coordinators as simple as possible. It provides the user with an easy to understand Windows based interface for rapid application development, controller configuration and monitoring of controller processes.
IEC 61131-3 Runtime Software (P877)
IEC 61131-3 standardises the programming language, the instruction sets and the handling and structuring of projects. As supplied, the IEC 61131 system will run programs for one hour after power-on, to allow engineers to try out their standard programs on the Motion Coordinator hardware. For continuous running, a software key (Feature Enable Code) can be downloaded from the Trio E-Store or purchased form your distributor for each Motion Coordinator to run IEC 61131 programs.
Software - Upgrade Codes
To upgrade the P848 to the P849, please log on to the E-Store and purchase:
P847 upgrade code.
Software - Expansion
Kinematic Runtime FEC (P750)
The P750 Robot kinematic runtime enables the more complex FRAME transformations which enable easy programming of various types of robot Including SCARA and Delta.
(Log on to E-Store to purchase).
Remote Axis FEC's (P701 - P732)
Remote axis FEC's allow upto 64 additional axes to be configured.
(Log on to E-Store to purchase).
Software - Support Apps
The program allows the user to create motion paths in a CAD package such as AutoCAD and convert them into code executable by a Trio Motion Coordinator.
A compact, self-contained package designed to allow simple distribution of projects written using Motion Perfect. Simply add the project to the Autoloader folder, edit a script file to provide control of the loading sequence and send to the customer.
Trio MCLoader
The Trio MC Loader is a Windows ActiveX control which can load projects (produced with Motion Perfect) and programs onto a Trio Motion Coordinator. Communication with the Motion Cordinator can be via serial link, USB, Ethernet or PCI depending on the Motion Coordinator.
Trio PCMotion
PCMotion is an ActiveX component allowing direct connection to the Trio Motion Coordinator from a custom user application. It can be used to control any of the Motion Coordinator functionality as well as send text files down to the controller.
The file loading functionality of the Motion Coordinators allows files to be easily loaded into the controller memory or the SD card (when fitted). This allows programs written in text based languages such as G-Code and HPGL to be loaded to the controller where they can be parsed and executed by a TrioBASIC program. The transfer process is optimized to compress the file and reduce transfer times, or it can be set to stream the file into a FIFO buffer on the controller. This can help reduce overall machine cycle times when file sizes can be large and so making communication time significant.
Data Sheet  
Quick Start Guide Simple set up guide
Quick Start Guide MDR Cable (P382) Wire Colours
EMC Guide Electromagnetic Compatibility guide for Trio products v6
Pick-up-and-Learn Guide Firmware Recovery System guide
The Technical Reference Manual can be downloaded in full or as separate sections. All in PDF format.
Hardware Overview (Chapter 2)
EU Declaration All Models
UL Listing Please insert E238097 UL File Number in the search box.
Fieldbus Data  
EtherNet IP EDS (Electronic Data Sheet) files EtherNet IP EDS (Electronic Data Sheet) files
DeviceNet EDS (Electronic Data Sheet) files DeviceNet EDS (Electronic Data Sheet) files
CAD Data  
Drawings are available in the following formats: DXF, IGES, DWG and STEP. These files are included in the Zip file below.
Download Zip file
Customer Help
Customer Support Forum Trio has a world-wide technical support network providing information to our Distributors, Solution Partners and Customers. This page includes a knowledge-base, user forum and direct online ticketing system where answers will be provided by our engineers in the UK, USA, India, China and Italy.
Training Courses Our 2-day introductory courses are designed to provide an overview of the Motion Coordinator product range and to give an introduction to programming using the Motion-iX technologies. The course is based upon practical worked examples of each topic covered to enable the attendees to gain some valuable hands-on experience of using Motion Perfect to develop applications.
Product Repair Information We offer a fixed price repair service via our distributor network. This page provides information on how to get your product repaired.