Increase electronics manufacturing productivity by optimising motion control

When manufacturing computers, communications and consumer electronics (also known as the 3C sector), machines have to combine precision control with speed to ensure high productivity. Trio provides control systems that enable machine builders to develop more productive machines that manufacture higher quality products.

Trio enhances an electronics production machine’s capability by optimising its most critical attribute: motion control synchronisation. This creates a machine with the highest speed, accuracy and reliability. From microchip production to gluing smartphone screens, Trio manufactures motion controllers, I/O systems, HMIs, servo drives and motors, as well as designing bespoke applications for OEM machine builders.

More productive machines

Trio’s motion-first machine solution is optimised to provide the highest performance motion control. Combining speed and accuracy, this increases machine output and ensures optimum manufacturing quality. Motion coordination is combined with automation control from a single system, which increases machine reliability and ease of deployment, supported by application and field support teams across the globe.

Motion-first machine solutions

  • Ability to synchronise up to 128 servo or stepper axes
  • High performance control with EtherCAT cycle times down to 125 us and 64 bit motion calculations
  • Robot control integration and kinematics plus complex motion control and interpolation

Supporting global OEMs

  • Integrated motion and automation control solution provides optimum machine reliability and removes downtime
  • Global application development and field support provided by local teams in Europe, USA, China and Asia
  • Proven-in-use control solutions deployed with OEMs worldwide

Fast and cost-effective development

Electronics manufacturing machines require fast development and often need to make fast changes depending on production requirements. With high scale production often requiring multiple machines, keeping cost down is imperative. Trio’s software environment is designed to enable rapid development and provides architecture that lowers cost through its combined motion and automation control capability.

Rapid development and commissioning

  • A single software environment with Trio’s optional native language motion programming, as well as IEC 61131-3 and PLCopen, provides choice and flexibility for fast development
  • Integrated solution including controller, drive and motor enables a trouble-free set-up
  • Simulation tools eliminate risk in live deployment and speed up development

Cost-effective machine development

  • Scalable, motion-centric controllers with extensive logic capability, I/O integration and IEC programming can remove requirement for a separate PLC
  • Stepper motor control, in addition to servo, provides a cost-effective option
  • Control solution integration minimises resources and cost in set-up and reduces maintenance requirements long-term