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Robotic Programming System


The Trio Robot Programming System (RPS) is a sophisticated package of tools and software that can be adapted to different robot manufacturers requirements. The RPS allows users the choice of using a programming pendant for simple jobs or stepping up to use a laptop PC for more complex jobs. Many applications can use a mix of both to reduce programming time and optimise productivity.

The Robot Programming System components include:

  • A high level robot programming language building on the fast effective multi-tasking TrioBASIC.
  • Kinematics transformations package configurable for the majority of robot mechanism types.
  • Robot visualization tool in Motion Perfect v4
  • Pendant and teach programming system. This allows programs, robot tools and points to be built, edited and proven in an easy to use way.
  • A special robot tool within “Motion Perfect v4” for robot configuration, editing points, frames and tools. Complex programs may also be edited inside MPv4.



Trio’s flexible multi-tasking BASIC is widely used for rapid development of industrial motion applications. TrioBASIC-R (Robotics) adds:

  • Programming in world, robot and user frames
  • MOVEJ, MOVEL and MOVEC Robotic move types with definition of move, target, speed, precision, tool and object frame in a single instruction line
  • Supervisor mode programs definable by robot builder allow checking and flagging of singularities, incorrect robot configurations and paths during execution
  • Up to 32 tools definable with TOOL_OFFSET tools can be switched in real time to allow use of an auto tool exchanger


RPS Kinematics

The RPS kinematics package covers most of the commonly used mechanism types and can easily be extended for new types. Delta, SCARA plus 5DOF and 6DOF anthropomorphic robots can effectively be programmed in XYZ world, tool and user coordinates. This allows users to focus on their application in a user friendly way and not be concerned with the algorithms being performed.

For robots with higher degrees of freedom, the kinematics package allows the orientation of tools to be defined and controlled during moves. This means that as well as placing a tool to a point in space, the direction can also be defined. The mathematics and joint angles are handled in the controller.



RPS 3D Visualisation

The 3D Visualization tool, available in Motion Perfect v4, enables simulation of robot and machine motion, using an externally generated 3D model which can be synchronized with the motion program. This tool can simulate and test realistic movement sequences on a PC in real time.

  • Import 3D OBJ file into the 3D Visualisation Tool within Motion Perfect v4 and pan, zoom and rotate while the robot program is running.
  • Interrogate each joint and link to find its position in 3D space.


Pendant + Teach Programming System

The Teach Programming System allows programming the robot in a managed and safe environment, using a real or virtual system.

The pendant is based around Trio’s UNIPLAY HMI and can be used as a “real” or “virtual” on-screen pendant. The system includes extensive software and preconfigured motion control functions, which permit the controlling of all standard types of robot with reduced development time.


The system allows the user to:

  • Configure the robot and drives.
  • Insert tools and calibrate them
  • Insert robot frames and object frames
  • Create and edit robot programs
  • Debug robot programs adding break points and running it step by step
  • Run the robot program in a repeat cycle