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  • Motion Perfect v4

    Adding another dimension

  • 3D...Visualization

    Machines... Robots... Live 3D motion

  • 3D...Scope

    Visualize your scope trace in 3 dimensions... Rotate, pan, zoom in XYZ


    New custom styles and functions

  • CamGen

    Drag-and-drop points to create smooth motion curves

  • FREE and available NOW!

Motion Perfect v4

Motion Perfect v4 adds another dimension to Trio's powerful and familiar programming tool!
The 3D Machine visualization tool and 3D scope tool allows real-time simulation of your applications. Our easy-to-use cam generator has been added right into Motion Perfect allowing smooth curves to be created using drag and drop points.
This is the best Motion Perfect yet!

3D_visualisation-define_a_robot from webmaster on Vimeo.

The new 3D Visualization tool enables simulation of Machine Motion, using an externally generated 3D model of a machine which can be synchronised with the motion program.

3DScope from webmaster on Vimeo.

The oscilloscope has a new 3D display mode. Configure the sample rate, trace thickness and colour. Pan, zoom and rotate in 3D in real-time.

Major Enhancements

  • Motion Perfect v4 has support for new Motion Coordinators with more than 64 axes.
  • Cam Generator tool... new fully integrated tool with many advanced features, replacing the need for a stand-alone CamGen application.
  • Improved data viewers... The VR and TABLE viewers can be set to display non-contiguous data ranges as single or multiple columns - allowing easy interpretation of data tables.
  • RTC Synchronisation... View the contents of the Motion Coordinatorís real-time clock (where fitted) and synchronise it with the PC clock at the touch of a button.
  • Project resolution dialogues... When connecting to the Motion Coordinator a completely new set of windows will guide you through the process of synchronising the controllerís project with the copy on the PC.
  • Support for multiple controllers... View any number of controllers running from one instance of Motion Perfect v4
  • Fully integrated HMI support...Design a complete graphical HMI interface within Motion Perfect v4 where buttons and fields can link directly to any system parameter or program variable.
  • Oscilloscope... Up to 8 channels can be linked to axis and system parameters. X/Y display mode for interpolated motion in 2D.
  • New 3D Scope display mode... Helps with visualisation of XYZ paths.
  • Intelligent Drives... EtherCAT Diagnostic wizard... improved PDO visualization, display of the vendor and product database on the controller and device configuration editor. Configuration data can now be saved into the STARTUP program. (or MC_CONFIG file if appropriate)
  • Trio BASIC editor... "Find in Project" search tool, jump-to-label hot links, variable name auto-complete, keyword assist and more.
  • Memory Card support... Support for FAT-32 formatting in the controller. No need to format in a PC first.
  • 3D machine visualisation tool... Take a 3D solid model of the working parts of the machine motion and animate it to see a simulation controlled from the motion program.
  • MC400 Simulator... Now included within Motion Perfect, allowing a project to be designed and tested (inc; comms, I-O, HMI, 3D tools) without the need to buy any hardware


  Minimum Specification Recommended Specification
OS Windows XP (SP3) Windows 7 and greater
.NET Library 4.0 4.0
CPU Pentium class processor, operating at 1GHz Intel Core 2 at 2GHz or better
RAM 1Gb (Windows XP) 4Gb (Windows 7)
Hard Disk Space 100Mb 200Mb
Display 1024 x 768, 24bit colour 1280 x 1024 and higher, 32bit colour
Communications EtherNet EtherNet

Software Tools

Motion Perfect v4 has several tools which are used to monitor the controller and interact with it. Some tools are built into Motion Perfect, others are implemented as Support Software.


One of the keys to using Motion Perfect v4 is its concept of a “Project”. The project aids the application design and development process, by providing a disk based copy of the multiple controller programs, parameters and data required for a single motion application.

Once the user has defined a project, Motion Perfect v4 works behind the scenes automatically maintaining consistency between the programs on the controller and the files on the PC.

When creating or editing programs on the controller they are automatically duplicated on the PC which means you do not have to worry about loading or saving programs and you can be confident that next time you connect to a controller you will have the correct information on your PC.  Motion Perfect v4 keeps multiple backup copies of the project in a sub folder, thus allowing the programmer to revert to any previous version.

Project Manager

The multi-tasking capability of Motion Coordinators means there will often be a number of different program files associated with an application. In order to keep track of these multiple files and their associated data a major component of the Motion Perfect v4 environment is the project manager.

  • Load and Save multiple programs as a single named project
  • Simultaneous saving of program files to both the PC and the Motion Coordinator
  • Verify contents of controller match the project file on disk
  • Load and Save controller variables and table memory to disk
  • Automatically generate controller “Startup” configuration files
  • Changes can be made while programs are running
  • Attach text and configuration files to the project
  • Include BASIC, HMI and IEC 61131-3 programs in the same project
  • Spreadsheet style interface to monitor and set axis parameters
  • Automatically updates real time parameters
  • Support for all axis types (including virtual axes)

Intelligent Drives - EtherCAT

  • Diagnostic wizard
  • Configuration data can be saved into the Project
  • Display the drive database of vendor and product data on the controller
  • Device configuration editor
  • Report generator to aid system debug
  • Support for many more EtherCAT drives and I/O devices

Axis Jog Screen

  • Jog axes forward/reverse with a mouse click
  • User defined axes - can include virtual axes
  • Set hardware jog inputs for each axis
  • User defined jog speed for each axis
  • Speeds up axis commissioning

Digitial I/O Status

  • Display status of all I/O Channels simultaneously
  • Automatically configures to support all available I/O
  • User selection of which IO banks to display
  • Set outputs with a mouse click
  • I/O’s can be named and saved in the Project

Basic Program Editor

  • Simultaneously edits the controller program and a copy on disk - programs do not need to be downloaded after editing
  • Windows style editor with Cut, Copy & Paste - uses the Windows clipboard so information may be pasted between programs
  • Edit multiple programs simultaneously
  • Find & Replace + Search in all programs
  • Jump directly to any line number or program label
  • Step through programs and set breakpoints
  • Bookmark lines for easy access
  • Offline editing with the MC400 simulator

IEC 61131-3 Program Editor

  • Offline editor allows program creation away from the target Motion Coordinator
  • Function Block, Structured Text, Ladder and Sequential Function Chart methods.  (IL not supported)
  • Edit multiple programs simultaneously
  • Find & Replace
  • View debug information while running
  • Libraries for Motion Coordinator specific functions
  • Fast PLC scan cycle time (2 msec)
  • Run IEC and BASIC programs at the same time


  • Programming support for Trio’s Uniplay HMI system
  • Graphical editor – what you see is what you get
  • HMI program is part of the MPv4 project
  • Direct access to Motion Coordinator variables and parameters
  • No need for external 3rd party HMI programming tools
  • Supports 7 inch (18cm) and 10 inch (25cm) displays
  • Allocates touch screen functions

MC400 Simulator

The MC400 Simulator accesses all the Motion Perfectv4 tools and functionality to allow user to design and test a project without the need to purchase Trio's hardware range. . Instead of connecting to a real motion controller, the MC400 Simulator can be selected. Programs can be run and tested with results seen on the 3D scope/Axis parameter & I/O screens before being transferred to the real hardware.

Key Sensitive Help Files

Motion Perfect v4 comes with complete help files for Trio BASIC and the IEC programming libraries. Using the search function, or jumping to a help topic via the context sensitive help in the editor, the programmer has access to all the information from Trioís technical programming manuals. The help files are also rich in programming examples for many motion applications.


Support Software

All of our programming and utility software is FREE with no support charges or licence fees

CAD2Motion CAD2Motion is a program designed to allow users to translate CAD generated two dimensional motion paths into TrioBASIC programs.
Trio PCMotion The Trio ActiveX component provides a direct connection to the Trio Motion Coordinators.