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PC-MCATMotion Coordinator
P760 : 2 - 64 Axis


  • Motion + PC Solution for Automation Machinery
  • Fanless compact PC with E3845 Quad Core Atom Processor at 1.91 Ghz
  • Powerful up to 64 Axis EtherCAT Based Trio Motion Coordinator
  • RTX64 Real Time Extension to allow Motion + Windows Running Directly on Their Own Processor Cores
  • Plug and Play EtherCAT Configuration Expandable Support for Servo Drives, I/O and Devices From Over 100 Manufacturers
  • Programmable In Easy TrioBASIC, built-in IEC 61131 or PC based Programming Languages Such As ‘C’
  • 4 GByte RAM + 64 GByte Upgradable SSD
  • Choose Windows or Linux Operating System
  • Built-in GBit Ethernet Port For Vision Cameras

Trio’s PC-MCAT 64 is an innovative “Motion + PC Solution”. A powerful quad core Intel Atom processor is used to drive both a high performance motion controller and a compact PC that can run user applications under Windows. The PC-MCAT software uses a real-time extension to allow both Windows and the motion controller to run directly on their own processor cores.

MC4N RTEX and panasonic drives


The motion controller’s own dedicated EtherCAT master Ethernet port can launch data packets with less than 1µsec of jitter. The 1.91GHz Atom processor is paired with 4 GBytes of RAM and a high speed 64 GByte upgradable SSD to give sufficient PC performance for many machine types.

PC-MCAT is especially suitable where a machine type needs the software and hardware facilities of a PC paired with a powerful 64 axis Motion Coordinator. The HDMI port can be used to drive high resolution displays for sophisticated operator interfaces.

The large 64 GByte SSD drive can hold vast amounts of machine data and recipes. Two GBit Ethernet ports are built into the PC-MCAT. These can be used for factory communications or connecting vision camera(s) whose data can be processed directly on the PC cores.

A machines PC applications can communicate with the Trio Motion Coordinator running on its dedicated processor core using fast shared memory. Machine control sequences can either be made in multi-tasking TrioBASIC / IEC61131 of the Motion Coordinator or can be written as a PC application (for example in “C”) sending motion + I/O requests through to the Motion Coordinator. Trio's Motion Perfect v4 application development tool can be run directly on the PC-MCAT or remotely on a laptop via Ethernet.

EtherCAT logo

The P760 has 2 built-in EtherCAT axes which can be user upgraded with the purchase of P912 Remote Axis FECs. Each P912 doubles the available axes, i.e:
P760 + 1 x P912 = 4 Remote Axes
P760 + 2 x P912 = 8 Remote Axes
P760 + 3 x P912 = 16 Remote Axes
P760 + 4 x P912 = 32 Remote Axes
P760 + 5 x P912 = 64 Remote Axes

Motion Specification:
Motion Axes 2 / 4 / 8 / 16 / 32 / 64
Servo Cycle 250 / 500 / 1000 / 2000usec
Drive Modes Position / Speed / Torque
Interpolation Linear / Circular / Helical / Spherical / Transition Curves / Tangential
Linked Modes Cam, Cambox, Flexlink, Movelink, Camlink
EtherCAT Specification:
Speed 100Mbps
Physical Layer 100BASE-TX full duplex (IEEE 802.3)
Cable Shielded Twisted Pair (TIA/EIA-568B CAT5e)
Topology Line, tree or star
Isolation Pulse transformer with common-mode choke
Connector RJ45
Cable Length 100m max between nodes
Cyclic period 250usec, 500usec, 1000usec or 2000usec
Synchronisation Distributed Clocks technology. Jitter <1usec
Protocol CoE, SoE
Number of Axes 64
Number of Nodes 128 slave nodes maximum
Motion modes Cyclic Synchronous Position, Cyclic Synchronous Velocity, Cyclic Synchronous Torque
Parameter transfer CoE Object read/write. SoE IDN read/write
Input/Output Up to 8192
PC Specification:
Processor Intel Atom E3845 Quad Core 1.91 Ghz
Memory 4 GBytes DDR3
Ethernet 2 x Gb Ethernet + EtherCAT port
HDMI 2560 x 1600 @ 60Hz Max
Audio Via HDMI
USB 5 USB ports
Battery 8 Year life PLC compatible type. Replaceable without opening case.
Power Supply 24V +/- 20% Isolated Power Supply
Operating Temp 0 deg - 55 deg C
Cooling Fanless
Width x Height x Depth (mm) 40 x 157 x 120
Weight 432g
Mounting Panel
Operating Temp 0 - 45°
Operating System Windows with RTX64 Real Time Extension
UL Listed Yes;
CE approval Yes
RoHS Compliant Yes
Flexslice Coupler Module (P366) P366The Flexslice system begins with the coupler.
The coupler is connected to the network via the upper Ethernet interface. The lower RJ45 socket may be used to connect further EtherCAT devices in the same strand.

One station consists of a P366 coupler and up to 16 Flexslice EtherCAT modules. The coupler converts the passing telegrams from Ethernet 100BASE-T to E-bus signal format.

Flexslice 16-Out PNP Module (P371) P371The P371 digital output slice connects the binary control signals from the Motion Coordinator to the machine’s output devices at 24V DC.
Flexslice 16-In PNP Module (P372) P372The P372 digital input Flexslice connects 24V DC signals from devices on the machine to the binary control registers in the Motion Coordinator.
Flexslice Flex 3 Axis Module (P375) P375The P375 Flex 3 Axis Module allows up to 3 stepper motors or encoders to be connected to a control system. It supports incremental or SSI, BiSS, Endat or Tamagawa absolute encoders.
Flexslice 16-Out PNP Module (P376) P376The P376 digital output Flexslice connects the binary control signals from the Motion Coordinator to the machine’s output devices, such as relays, contactors, valves or lamps.
Flexslice 16-In NPN Module (P377) P377The P377 digital input Flexslice connects 24V dc signals from devices on the machine to the binary control registers in the Motion Coordinator.
Flexslice 8 Analogue Output Module (P378) P378The P378 Flexslice 8 Analogue Output module has eight programmable voltage range output terminals, each digitised to a resolution of 12 bit.
Flexslice 8 Analogue Input Module (P379) P379The P379 Flexslice 8 Analogue Input module has eight programmable voltage range input terminals, each digitised to a resolution of 12 bit.
CAN 16-Out I/O Module (P317) p317The Trio CAN16 Output module provides 256 distributed output channels at 24Vdc level. All points are short-circuit proof and completely isolated from the CANbus. P317 modules may be mixed on the same bus, with other types in the Trio CAN I/O range.
CAN 16-In I/O Module (P318) p318The Trio CAN16 In Digital module provides 256 distributed input channels at 24Vdc level. All input points are high level (24V in = ON) and completely isolated from the CANbus.
CAN16 I/O Module (P319) p319The Trio CAN16 Input/Output Digital module provides 256 distributed bi-directional input/output channels at 24Vdc level. All input points are high level, (24V = ON) all outputs are short-circuit proof and the I/O is completely isolated from the CANbus.
CAN 8-In / 4-Out I/O Module (P326) p326The CAN Analogue I/O module provides a compact DIN rail mounted analogue input/output capability for Trio Motion Coordinators. Each module provides 8 channels of 12-bit (+/-10V) analogue inputs and 4 channels of 12-bit (+/-10V) analogue outputs.
CAN 8-Relay Module (P327) p327The Trio CAN8 Relay module provides 128 distributed low power relay channels at up to 30Vdc or 49Vac. All output points are Volt-free contacts and are completely isolated from the CANbus. P327 modules may be mixed on the same bus, with other types in the Trio CAN I/O range.
UNIPLAY HMI (P483, P844) uniplayTrio’s unique UNIPLAY HMI system is a revolutionary way to make operator interfaces better, easier and more secure! The UNIPLAY series boasts a 7" and 10" colour display.
IEC 61131-3 Runtime Software (P877) IEC 61131-3 standardises the programming language, the instruction sets and the handling and structuring of projects. This gives the ability to run programs generated by suitable programming tools using any of the 4 supported standards. As supplied, the IEC 61131 system will run programs for one hour after power-on, to allow engineers to try out their standard programs on the Motion Coordinator hardware. For continuous running, a FREE software key (Feature Enable Code) must be downloaded from the Trio E-Store.
Kinematic Runtime FEC (P750) The P750 Robot Kinematic Runtime FEC enables the more complex FRAME transformations which enable easy programming of various types of robot Including SCARA and Delta.
2x EtherCAT Axes (P912) the P912 Feature Enable Code can be purchased. Each P912 doubles the available axes, I.e:
P760 + 1 x P912 = 4 Remote Axes
P760 + 2 x P912 = 8 Remote Axes
P760 + 4 x P912 = 16 Remote Axes
PC-MCAT Firmware Click on the left to download the latest firmware. NB: You are required to be logged on.
Motion Perfect v4 Motion Perfect is designed to make setup, diagnostics, commissioning and using our range of Motion Coordinators as simple as possible. It provides the user with an easy to understand Windows based interface for rapid application development, controller configuration and monitoring of controller processes.
CAD2Motion CAD2Motion is a program designed to allow users to translate CAD generated two dimensional motion paths into TrioBASIC programs.
Autoloader A compact, self-contained package designed to allow simple distribution of projects written using Motion Perfect.
Trio PCMotion The Trio ActiveX component provides a direct connection to the Trio Motion Coordinators.
Trio MCLoader Trio MCLoader is a Windows ActiveX control which can load projects (produced with Motion Perfect) and programs onto a Trio Motion Coordinator.


Data Sheet  
Transportation of products containing Lithium batteries Simple set up guide

Fieldbus Data EtherNet IP EDS (Electronic Data Sheet) files DeviceNet EDS (Electronic Data Sheet) files

Package Drawings

Drawings are available in the following formats: DXF, IGES, DWG, STEP and SolidWorks.
These files are included in the Zip file below.
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The Technical Reference Manual can be downloaded in full or as separate sections. All in PDF format
MC4xx Hardware Manual
MC4xx Software Manual


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