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Custom Motion Coordinator


  • Trio's award winning Motion Coordinator technology
  • Using an off the shelf design saves many years of development effort
  • 25 years of continual product development
  • Over 100,000 machines under Trio control worldwide
  • Established worldwide user base
  • The design can use the standard PCB layout or a customised layout
  • For high volumes the design and software can be licensed for manufacturing within your facility
  • Windows support software is immediately available
  • RoHs Compliant

Trio is an independent motion control technology company that concentrates 100% on developing ‘motion control products’.

Our dedicated and focused approach allows us to design products that fit our customers’ needs whether the customer is a machine builder requiring a bespoke Motion Coordinator or a Drives company requiring a licenced product or a commonly used interface to a Digital Drive Bus System.

Some examples are shown here… but more Trio designed motion control solutions are operating in the market as ‘badged’ products by major drives/motion control companies and OEM machine builders.

Pleasecall Trio for more information.


Many servo drives have an expansion slot or port allowing the connection of a specially designed Trio Motion Coordinator.

Trio has developed various “Drive-In” products for leading servo drive brands all of which are programmed in TrioBASIC using Motion Perfect.

Some are sold as badged products and one, the MC302-K, is available from Trio as a stock item. The MC302-K was developed in response to requests by many of our distributors selling Kollmorgen drive it offers 1½ axes and simply slots inside the S300 / S600 expansion slot.

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Sometimes the standard Trio products do not have the exact features required by OEMs.

In such cases where a machine builder has a specific requirement for 200+ controllers per year we can design and manufacture a ‘bespoke’ Motion Coordinator.


For larger companies wishing to fully integrate a motion control product line but not wanting to develop the technology themselves, we can provide a very cost effective solution by designing the hardware of a motion control range to be manufactured under license from Trio.

This option has already been adopted by one major motion control company.

Digital Drive Interfaces

Because Trio does not manufacture drives and equally is not aligned or connected to any particular drives company, it is important that our products can be used with as many popular drives as possible.

To achieve this we have developed the following ‘growing’ list of digital drive interfaces…

  • EtherCAT
  • Sercos
  • Panasonic RTEX
  • Control Techniques SLM
  • Motion Module

    The Trio Motion Module (TMM) is a compact Motion Coordinator based on Trio’s proven high performance 32 bit ARM technology.

    It incorporates all of the flexible motion commands of Trio's larger Motion Coordinators. It can be customised to be integrated inside your digital drive to provide a compact, cost effective solution for OEM applications.

    Using Trio's proven expertisesaves drive manufacturers or large volume OEM's many years of development effort. Windows support software is immediately available, as is a library of application programs. The PCB design can be easily customised to fit both physically and electrically. For high volumes the design and software can be licensed.

    The Motion Module features Trio’s Multi-tasking BASIC language which allows true pre-emptive multi-tasking of up to 3 simultaneous processes. This allows parts of a complex application to be developed, tested and run independantly, although the tasks can share data and motion control hardware. Up to 3 axes can be initialised in the software of each TMM. The built-in CAN networking enables distributed drive networks to be implemented.

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    Servo Drive Sercos Interface

    The P730 Sigma II Sercos Interface from Trio Motion Technology makes this leading digital drive communications standard available to users of the popular Yaskawa Sigma II Servo Drives.

    Specifically designed for servo drive control applications, the sercos interface can transmit cyclic data at high speeds with precise synchronisation. sercos has the advantage of being an open standard, which allows drive and controller users to avoid being “locked in” to proprietary systems.

    The P730 can operate with Trio’s Motion Coordinator range and third party sercos masters. Please check that the necessary IDN's and functionality are available on the P730 for your application when using third party masters. The Sigma II Sercos Interface satisfies sercos Interface Specification compliance class B in velocity or position control mode, and can run at sercos cycle times of 500usec and above.

    Later versions of P730 software have limited support for class B functions such as "Drive control homing".

    Data Sheet

    Download P730 user manual (for software versions 13 and 14)

    Download P730 user manual (for software versions 15 to 33)