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Using Trio's MC4N Mini EtherCAT Master with a third party drive and motor allows companies that are experts in their field to give you a solution that works. All companies are selected because they provide a quality solution.

Trio has developed special arrangements with a select group of Drives companies that manufacture EtherCAT drives.

This exclusive club of ‘EtherCAT Preferred Drives Partners’ together with their own high ranking  distributors have access to the Trio MC4N ECAT master to use in motion control applications.

The combination of Trio as a ‘Motion Controller Specialist’ and the ‘Drives Companies’ that are experts in developing EtherCAT drives offers customers the opportunity to acquire the ‘very best’ of the two high performance technologies for their machines.


Delta September - 2014
Panasonic October - 2014
LS Mecapion October - 2014
JVL November - 2014
AMC December - 2014
AMC November - 2015
Axor December - 2015
Moog February - 2016
Fastech April - 2016