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Trio Programming Guides are designed to aid learning of the TrioBASIC language through description and examples. Each one will cover a particular topic and discuss which commands and parameters in the TrioBASIC are required to complete the task.

A general understanding of TrioBASIC is required and it is recommended to attend an introduction to TrioBASIC training course. The programming guides are not a replacement for the TrioBASIC help files which can be found in Motion Perfect as well as the manual which cover each command and parameter in more detail and should be referenced when required.

Be aware that some of these downloads are large files and may take some time.

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Programming variables.pdf (2.2MB)
Version 1
Revision 1.0
28 June 2013

TrioBASIC supports various local and global variables to aid programming. They can be used in many ways including making the program more flexible, increase readability and to transfer data from one program to another.

This document will go through the different types of variables and how they can be used in a program.

Text files.pdf (1.3MB) Version 1
22 March 2013
This guide will provide an introduction to using text files on the Trio Motion Technology products including the following:

• How are text files stored on the controller
• How to load text files to the controller
• How the files can be accessed through the TrioBASIC
Firmware Recovery System.pdf (1.2MB) Version 1
07 June 2016
In the unlikely event that the Motion Coordinator firmware becomes corrupted and the processor will not start the Ethernet port and allow communication, the MC664 and MC508 have a firmware recovery mode activated by a hidden switch.